Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top 10 Reasons the JC is like Hogwarts

Just in case anyone was wondering if I am embarrassed by publishing this: the answer is a resounding "No!" Don't worry, I realize I have much better things to do with my time here than make a silly list comparing my real world to fake Harry Potter world, but I got bored in Jewish class (where it all started) and that's where many of these originate. Judge me all you want.

10 Reasons why JC Life is like Hogwarts:

10. Drafty stone corridors, minimum 8 floors, secret passageways.
9. We live with the teachers.
8. 4 people to one room. Yes, I know, Gryffindor Tower has 5 people to a room, but close enough...and that's a lot of people in one room.
7. Heated volley ball tournaments. Obv. not as cool as Quidditch, but still fun.
6. We went on a version of the Hogwarts Express, only instead of going from London to Hogwarts we went from Luxor to Cairo, and the train (food especially) was vastly under par with how I envisioned the H.E.
5. The 8th floor women's bathroom is like the 5th floor Prefect's bathroom.
4. We go on trips into the city like they go on trips to Hogsmeade.
3. Mrs. Norris' descendants infiltrate the area.

2. The Oasis is practically the Great Hall, only instead of the ceiling mirroring the sky outside, we have floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the city.
1. Ophir* looks like Voldemort.
*Ophir Yarden (Jewish professor) is a really cool guy and I mean that he looks like You Know Who in the nicest way possible. This pic was just too good to pass up.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where in the World are the Movies Closed on Friday Nights?

Answer: Jerusalem. So it is a Friday night here at the wonderful JC. I spent the morning in class and then ventured off into the “Suk” which is the Jewish market. Fridays at the Suk are pretty crazy because Shabbat starts at sundown, so everyone is doing preparatory shopping beforehand. I bought Shabbat sweet bread which was divine and got a huge thing of fresh strawberries. To top things off, I saw two Jewish guys doing a rap, AND miraculously managed to catch it on video camera...the one time in my life where I’ve had it out when I needed it.

During dinner my friend Jess suggested we go and see a movie. I haven’t gone out to see a movie in far too long so I was willing to shell out the shecks and go see one. So we get all excited and run up to the Office to check the times, and we had 30 minutes to get to West Jerusalem. Then we realize that West Jerusalem shuts down on Friday nights, so we went to ask the people in the Office if they thought the theater would be open. The guy laughed at me in my face. So, while millions of Americans go to the movies on a Friday night, Jews and non-Jews alike are Shabbating it up in the Holy Land.

Fortunately we still find fun things to do around here since the whole city shuts down. Last Friday we had a Friday the 13th Disturbia party which was nothing short of rockin. Lauren, Chels and I went as 3 genies thanks to Chelsea's ever-growing genie pants collection.
And since I haven't updated in oh so long, here's a pic of Cate and I at the Dome of the Rock.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

Thanks to the Bangles I grew up with a pretty accurate view of Egyptians. Needless to say, my experience was still nothing short of eye-opening and adventurous. I could probably write 5 pages on all the stuff I did, saw, and learned, but I already do for my one-credit field trip class, so if you want the essay--I'll hook you up. But, as I'm writing this instead of that right now, please don't hold your breath. Here are some highlights with some pictures. I have to export them before I upload them so they are super small...sorry. Let the fun begin!

Walking like Egyptians on the Khufu Pyramid, before the "Tourist Police" blew their whistle at us. [Disclaimer: I had a ragingly wonderful bout of viral flu that day, and for many days following which is the only excuse I have for looking so great in all these photos.]

This may look like a marvelous work of photoshop, but it's 100% real!

We rode feluccas (little boats) across the Nile to ride camels through a village on the West Nile. This was fun and made me so grateful to live in America. Also, my guide Abdul offered me free hashish at the end because he thought I was pretty and needed to try it. So, all in all, a great trip.

Karnak! This was for sure one of my favorites. Check those pillars out. This is where Pharaoh Ramses II and Moses dealt with that little issue of freeing all the Hebrews. No biggie!